Got Cracks Appearing?

You’ve heard it said that prevention is better than the cure and nothing could be more true when it comes to crack stitching in Sydney properties. Cracks can appear when structures subside or when materials expand or contract over time. While this may appear minor, without taking action, they can lead to further problems such as structural damage which as you can imagine can be quite an expensive process.

Brickwork crack stitching for homes in Sydney is a straightforward process that can be done without inconveniencing the home owner. Our approach to repairing cracking in brickwork provides resilience against further cracking and further strengthens the wall itself.

BillCorp have done countless crack stitching repairs throughout Sydney and surrounding suburbs. With our experience and build quality, you can be assured that your property repair will have your home looking great and prevents further damage occurring in the future.

Crack Stitching Repair Process

Crack repairs can be performed on both exposed brickwork and rendered faces. We begin by cutting across the line of mortar through the crack and once cleaned out, we insert a 6mm Helifix Helibar into the slot and bond in place. This process allows us to reinforce the strength of the wall.

Once the Helific Helibar is set, we redo the mortar and match colour with the existing brickwork to ensure that the helical bar is covered and the entire crack itself is then undetectable once completed. For rendered walls, we will perform the same repair and then supply and fix render to match the exisiting layout of your home.

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