Concrete spalling is a sign of a much larger problem in the concrete and foundations of your property. Also termed “concrete cancer”, it’s a big issue in Sydney properties. Concrete cancer or spalling is caused when steel reinforcing in the slab rusts and expands, causing the concrete around it to become brittle and begin to break away.

If your concrete is showing signs of cracking, rust staining, if you have bubbling in the render or you have leaks in overhead surfaces you’re seeing the warning signs of potential concrete cancer.

Simply rendering over the top of the warning signs is not only going to delay the inevitable, but will actually make things worse with later repairs being more costly and majorly affecting the structural integrity of the property.

While all these symptoms will affect the look of your Sydney home it’s also potentially dangerous to residents and anyone in the proximity of the building should brittle concrete break away and hit someone.

Concrete Cancer Repair Sydney

Our concrete spalling repairs for Sydney homeowners begins with the removal of any loose or flaky concrete and then applying an anti-corrosive agent to any exposed or affected steelwork.

We will then prepare the surface for replacement rendering so that once the underlying issues have been addressed, the property can be returned back to it’s original glory.

Depending on the location and cause, we may also recommend further waterproofing after the initial concrete cancer repair in Sydney has been undertaken. This will enable us to repair damaged concrete areas, while also preventing the need for complete wall replacements or further structural re-building.

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