Please note: With any underpinning project  an engineering certificate will be required, you will need to source an independent engineers report aimed at accessing the full extent of the damages.

There are many reasons why a structural foundation might fail. These include factors ranging from plumbing leakages to sub-standard foundations of an existing building and even the shifting of the ground beneath a residence can cause unexpected problems.

In instances like this, it’s crucial to engage an expert in underpinning Sydney homes and residences. Many neighbourhoods in Sydney’s inner-west such as Burwood, Canterbury or Leichardt were developed before the adoption of modern building codes. As a result, many of these problems can be associated with now out of date building methods. With the majority of underpinning work in Sydney we see, residences were often built on brick footings without expansion joints, or built on clay beds which have a much greater incidence of significant movement in a home’s foundations.

Homes in Sydney’s inner-west are susceptible to a range of potential issues which is most notably sunken piers. Due to these older homes being built on brick footings, which have no expansion joints or on clay beds which have been seen to move significantly over time.

BillCorp has extensive experience in underpinning Sydney residences and home. Our foundation repair work on small to medium residences focuses on the greater Sydney metropolitan area. We specialise in residential underpinning throughout Sydney, foundation repair, and footing replacement regardless of where in Sydney your home is located.

Certified Excellence in the Underpinning and Foundation Repair Service

BillCorp is certified and licensed to conduct residential foundation repairs and underpinning throughout Sydney. Our team are well versed in these repairs and have an impressive history of successful underpinning projects within Sydney to our name.

BillCorp’s Underpinning Process, and the Science of House Rising

We have extensive experience working with many Sydney homes facing structural damage and requiring underpinning. As part of our initial consultation with you, we will assess the specific issues within your home and advise the best course of action for repair. This aspect of the assessment will necessitate us poking about, digging some holes, while temporarily jacking up your residence to ensure any necessary repairs are completed safely and within current building compliance codes.

In case where the home is essentially sound but the present foundation is beyond simple repair, we are qualified to undertake on more major underpinning projects in Sydney to ensure that the project is both structurally sound and legally compliant.

In these projects, house rising begins by disconnecting all the utilities before we go in and strategically place jacks at key positions under the home. Once the home is raised to the required height, underpinning repairs can be then undertaken.

Our years of construction, restoration, and renovation experience throughout Sydney’s inner-west make us the perfect choice when considering major home repairs. BillCorp is your trusted partner for all brickwork restoration and foundation rectification. When it comes to raising, resettling or underpinning your Sydney home, call us for a consultation and we will be more than happy to discuss your project in further detail.

Underpinning Sydney - Before photo

Underpinning Sydney - After photo