We all remember the the children’s story, “The Three Little Pigs,” and from that, it is easy to believe that brick-built homes in Sydney will last forever. The reality however is that brickwork can begin to break down from a variety of causes ranging from water damage from burst pipes, unexpected tree-root growth and even the natural settling of the ground beneath your house. In these cases, it’s important to rectify things with a pier replacement.

Regardless of the cause, ignoring the warning signs of your home shifting can lead to serious damage to the structural integrity of your property. Typically, residential brickwork repairs are required when brick piers need replacing. Billcorp are the experts when it comes to pier replacement in Sydney.

Sagging and cracking brick walls are an indicator that something seriously wrong is happening to your structural foundation.

Pier replacement Sydney

Other signs include uneven floors, sticking doors, and malfunctioning windows. The key to getting in front of this structural nightmare is consultation with seasoned experts who know how to recognise the warning signs for what they portend to your property.

Numerous factors might lead to the deterioration of your building piers, but if you are showing signs of disrepair, you can take heart knowing that you are far from alone. In fact, a great many homes throughout Sydney’s inner-western area have reported similar problems from Ashfield to Strathfield and all points in between.

Happily, we have an easy solution to this common problem for Sydney based denizens, so you should call us here at BillCorp to have one of our trained experts come out to assess the situation before recommending a course of action to return your property to structural soundness. Our team has been in business for more than a decade and a half, so you can trust that our knowledgeable staff will quickly locate the source of your problem.

Introducing Uni Pier

You'll never need another brick, concrete or timber pier again in your Sydney home again.

Uni-Pier is a superior pier, replacing brick piers, concrete or timber stumps or painted steel posts.

Uni-Piers are a smart but simple pier replacement system for Sydney homes that are designed to replace brick piers in Sydney. They are a far better alternative to concrete or timber stumps that in the past have been traditionally used as sub-floor or underground supports.

When completed, the piers are adjustable to the necessary height, so can eliminate many of the inaccuracies that can often occur when using concrete footings or pads.

Uni-Piers are non-combustible and will not rot, warp, shrink or harbour termites. Uni-Piers are designed to suit any normal domestic floor design and are able to support most roof and wall loads across all wind areas and are suitable for up to 5m fall in terrain. This makes uni-piers the perfect pier replacement option in Sydney when you consider the geography of the Sydney basin.





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